Frequently Asked Questions -
Estes Park Shuttle's Airport Transportation Services

How long does the trip take?
The drive usually takes one and a half to two hours. Please plan on the full two hours when making travel arrangements. The trip is part highway and approx 40 minutes of winding mountain roads. The distance is about 80 miles. The 20 miles closest to Estes Park is a mountain climb of about three thousand feet to a final elevation of 7,522 feet.

How much does this cost?
One way is $65, round trip is $115. Children two and under ride free.
**All Sales are final** 

How many bags can I bring and what size bags can I bring?
We allow 2 standard size* bags plus 1 hand carry bag**, Free of charge.  We allow each Child Ticketed passenger (child under the age of 2) 1 standard size* bag, Free of charge.  One oversized bag is the equivalent of two standard sized bags.  Any bags over these limits will incur additional fee of $65 per bag.  If you have sports equipment, please call the office to book.

*A standard size bag is defined as: Any bag or fully enclosed box with a Maximum size of 62 inches (L+W+H) and a maximum weight of 50 lbs. Example: 20" + 10" + 32" = 62"

**A hand carry bag is to be defined as: Any hand-held item that can be comfortably and safely held in the passenger's lap or can be safely stored on the floor between the passenger's feet without inconveniencing any passenger seated next to, in front of, or behind them.

Carrier will not be reasonable for lost or damaged luggage or personal items. Carrier is not responsible for cost of shipping luggage & personal items to customer's destination. Carrier reserves the right to refuse transporting luggage & personal items. Carrier may be able to transport luggage & personal items on another scheduled shuttle time with approval from office or management.

Where can I find you at Denver International Airport?
Our pickup location is on level 5 (baggage claim). We are on the EAST side, outside of door 513, on Island one (under the Mountain Carriers sign).
*Please be sure you exit door 513, NOT 512 or 514. The number should be blue. If you see even numbers (as opposed to odd) that are red you are on the west side and must cross to the east side.

Where can you pick me up and drop me off in Estes Park?
We offer door-to-door service and can pick you up at your place of residence, hotel of choice, campground, National Park Visitors Centers, or YMCA, among others.  We also can pick up in various places in Lyons, Allenspark, Glen Haven and Pinewood Springs. 

Can you take me anywhere other than the Denver International Airport?
We can also make arrangements to take you to the AMTRAK and Greyhound stations in Denver, the Millennium Hotel, RTD Bus station in Boulder or the Super 8 in Longmont.

Are you pet friendly?
We love pets but they are not permitted on scheduled shuttles unless they are certified service animals.  We need at least 48-hour advanced notice of an animal on board.  Crating of animals is required.  Service animal accomodations can be made on a case-by-case basis.

When do I need to be ready for pick up in Estes Park?
We pick up in the half hour to 45 minutes before departure time to ensure we leave town by the scheduled time. Please be ready 30-45 minutes before scheduled time (e.g: 12:15pm-12:30pm PM for a 1 PM shuttle)

What happens if my flight is delayed? Can you wait for me?
Due to airport regulations, we can only wait up to 15 minutes past the scheduled time.If you are unable to make it to the shuttle by that time we will do our best to move your reservation to the next available shuttle.We do not guarantee any other shuttle times than your shuttle reservation. No refunds will be issued if you are unable to make your reservation time. We do not offer furtue credit for travel. 
Estes Park Shuttle is not responsible for flight delays or cancellations for any reason.  

We have a group of more than 20 coming in together, can you accommodate us?
Yes, whether you have a small or large group, arriving at the same or different time, we can figure out how to best serve your needs. We also may be able to offer you a special group discount. Please call our group coordinator at 970-586-5151 option 2.

Have a group discount code? (Weddings or Groups 20 or more)
All discount codes MUST be given/inputted when the reservations are made. Discount codes are not valid for existing reservations.

What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellation Policy:  Reservations can be refunded only if canceled with a three full days' notice of reservation.  Cancellations made less than three full days' notice are non-refundable.
Cancellations may be made by phone (970) 586-5151, or by email (estesparkshuttle@aol.com).
There will be a $5.00 cancellation fee each way ($10 for round trip) for each passenger refund.
We do not offer credit for future travel. Estes Park Shuttle is not responsible for cancellations due to Covid, weather or any other reason.
Cancellation must occur during busniess hours
Oct 2nd-April 30th 8am-6pm May 1st-Oct1st 7am-7pm. 


How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
As much notice as possible is helpful but we can usually make accommodations up until the day before travel.

I have a young child; do I need to provide my own car seat?
Yes, parents or guardians are responsible for proper, safe seating of children requiring a car seat. Colorado Revised Statute 42-4-236 requires children under the age of 8 years of age to be in a safety seat.  All shuttles have safety belts in each seat. https://www.codot.gov/safety/carseats/colorado-child-passenger-safety-law-1

I have a bicycle I need to transport.  Is that possible?
No, we are not able to transport bicycles.

What type of vehicles do you use?
We drive minivans and 14 passenger vans (with back seat removed to allow for luggage). We can also provide buses for very large groups.

Do you still make trips to the airport when it is snowing?
As long as the roads are passable we make every effort to get to the airport.

Do we offer transportation to Windcliff Estes Park?
Yes we do we pickup and drop off at the gate house only 2220 Windcliff Dr. 

None of your scheduled times work for me, do I have any other options?
We can also offer a chartered shuttle If you'd like to make arrangements for this please call 970-586-5151

Right to refurse service: 
Estes Park Shuttle has the right to refuse service to any passenger's that cause a saftey risk to driver's and any other passengers. No refund or reschedules will be issued.